Local Councillor Removes Residents Rubbish Himself After Complaints

Local Councillor Removes Residents Rubbish Himself After Complaints

A newly elected councillor in Lancashire decided to fill up his own taxi with rubbish after road works meant some bins could not been emptied.

Lancashire news reports that ltaf Patel said he was called out to the back alleyways of Ripon Street and Pringle Street this week after worried residents said their burgundy bins had not been collected again.

Road works had resulted in the alleyways not been accessible for bin lorries, leading to rubbish piling up outside some peoples homes.

Mr Patel, Conservative councillor for Queens Park and Audley said: “There were road works which meant that the back alleyways were just not accessible.

“Unfortunately for locals, the brown bins weren’t collected when they should have been.

“With bin collections every 2 weeks the rubbish is now beginning to pile up.

“There is a lot of whiffy smells coming from all the rubbish. I have also been told this still won’t get collected until Wednesday next week.

Mr Patel said he took it upon himself to dispose of some of the rubbish bags himself, “I wanted to help in some way and clear some of the rubbish at least, so I picked up 25 bags and put them in my own car.

“3 other residents also helped me and packed up 15 bags each into each of their own cars and disposed of them at the recycling centre.

“I would strongly encourage Blackburn with Darwen Council to switch the rota and empty the bins as soon as possible. This amount of rubbish is likely to attract rats.”